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Group and Event Guidelines

University Events

Eastern Kentucky University’s (“EKU”) primary goal during the pandemic is the well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  Based on CDC college and university and ACHA guidance, convening in groups carries a high risk of viral transmission. To reduce this risk, EKU requires groups to follow health and safety guidelines. EKU personnel determine gathering sizes in conjunction with CDC recommendations and the Kentucky Governor’s directives. However, as the pandemic continues to evolve, the guidelines and information below could change.  In addition to the guidelines herein, the University continues to follow the Policy Governing Time, Place and Manner of  Demonstrations, Meetings and Other Assemblies and the Scheduling Of University Facilities Policy.  To the extent these guidelines directly conflict with either of those policies, these guidelines shall govern while the state and university is under a state of emergency, pursuant to the University State of Emergency Policy.

The following guidelines apply to all University meetings, gatherings, events, programs, training, and any event involving the gathering of individuals (“Event”), whether for academic or non-academic purposes.  This shall not apply to academic classes as scheduled by the Registrar nor to athletic contests, scheduled by the Athletic Department and the conference.

Items for consideration prior to submitting your request

  1. All events should be offered virtually when possible (e.g. Zoom, Skype, Webex, Google Hangouts, Slack, GoToMeeting, Teams…). While we understand that virtual meetings and events may not be ideal, it is essential that we prioritize health and wellbeing of the campus community.

  2. If the Event cannot be offered virtually, the Event Planner (the EKU employee or student in charge of arranging the event) shall request space for the Event by completing the COVID-19 On-campus Event Request Form located on the University’s centralized scheduling platform, 25Live (instructions are located at the bottom of this document), which shall include the submission of a social distancing plan, detailing the size of the group and the plan to maintain the appropriate distance in the room requested.  Groups for an Event are limited to (1) the approved capacity of a space; (2) or up to 50 people, whichever is lesser and applicable given the room.

  3. Meetings taking place in departmental conference rooms and offices for university faculty/staff and not exceeding 10 participants will not need to be scheduled via 25Live, but should be conducted virtually if at all possible.  In-person meetings should adhere to distancing and mask requirements, regardless of number or scheduling process.  Food is only permitted as set forth below.  If an additional room is needed to accommodate the meeting or training, the Event Planner must schedule through the University Scheduling Software, 25live. 

Requirements for an Event

The University requires adherence to the following guidelines for University Events.

  • Limit the duration of the event to cover only essentials that cannot be conducted online.

  • Use room spaces that are appropriate for the Event, considering the room’s design and intended purpose, as well as designated capacity.

  • All Event spaces have reduced capacity to allow for social distancing.  EKU personnel may substitute a requested space with a different venue to accommodate the size of the group when the room assignment is confirmed with the Event Planner.

  • All food and/or drink must requests must be submitted and approved as part of the group’s social distancing plan.  Open foods, pour beverages, and community food tables (e.g. buffets or shared trays) will not be allowed.

  • Furniture may not be moved in event space.

  • Follow visual cues in event space(s).  This includes posted guidelines and directional signage (e.g. enter, exit, one-way).

  • Physical, social distancing of six (6) feet, even when wearing a mask, is required at all times. If the event requires high risk behaviors (singing, movement), physical distancing must be increased accordingly CDC Guidelines and additional protective measures must be undertaken by the Event Planner and submitted as part of the social distancing plan, including, but not limited to, physical barriers. 

  • Wear a mask/face covering during the event.

  • Do not utilize shared materials at the Event

  • Attendance must be taken and maintained by the Event Planner or a designee of the University sponsoring organization. The attendance sheet must include date, time and location of the Event, along with each attendee’s name, EKU or other email address, time the attendee entered the Event, and time they left.

  • The Event Planner is responsible for ensuring the proper COVID health check has been done, or requiring each Event participant to perform the proper COVID self-check.

  • Follow campus reporting protocols, if a participant demonstrates any COVID symptoms or tests positive, a report should be made via the use of the COVID Self Monitoring Form here:

  • If a participant develops or displays sickness at the Event, respectfully ask them to leave and self-report.  The group must report this via the COVID Self-Monitoring Form as well.

  • Develop a contingency plan for the event in case it must be cancelled at the last minute.

  • See guidelines for the distribution of materials section. 

Guidelines for the Distribution of Materials


  • Point of Sale – The physical place where goods are retailed and/or distributed.
  • Tabling – the act of using a common surface to solicit funds, support, contributions, membership; and/or garner support for a cause; and/or similar activities form the university community; and/or the act of distributing any materials in a common public space.  

Requirements for distribution of materials:

Tabling will be contactless.

  • If items are to be distributed, they will be placed on a table for individuals to take at their leisure.
  • All individuals will remain a minimum of six-feet apart at all times
  • Tables will not be staffed unless they are protected with the same as a point-of sale protection as used in University commercial point-of-sale spaces (installation of plexiglass, contactless interactions, etc.) 


  • Food will only be distributed in a contactless environment.  All food and beverage packages will be self-serve unless the event is catered by Aramark according to their current, university-approved guidelines.  


The consequences for not following the guidelines above include, but are not limited to:

  • Imposed special cleaning and/or maintenance fees.
  • Shutdown of event.
  • Restriction to reserve space on campus for future Events.
  • Disciplinary action for individual students or employees who do not follow these guidelines, up to, and including, termination.

Reserving room space using 25Live

Effective Fall Semester 2020, 25Live is the University’s new campus-wide scheduling website for all room, meeting and event scheduling across the entire Richmond and Extended Campus footprint. Running on the CollegeNET platform, this website/portal is the sole means for viewing, requesting and reserving spaces, both indoor and outdoor, at EKU. It has replaced the University’s previous platform, Ad-Astra.

To log into 25Live, please use the following link:

The primary steps to navigate to the form are as follows:

1.     Click on SIGN IN at the top right-hand side of the page. The page uses single sign on.  Once signed in, you will see your name.

2.     Next, click on EVENT FORM, also located at the top of the page.

3.     Complete all required fields within the form.

4.     Click SAVE at the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Each time and individual books a room, meeting or event using the form, staff in the Office of Conferencing & Events will follow up as necessary. All room reservations will be confirmed via e-mail. Moving forward, as part of the scheduling process, C&E will also facilitate key requests, room setups and custodial needs on the requestor’s behalf.

Conferencing and Events offers online training for navigating 25Live. Should anyone need guidance or assistance with the platform, please contact Brian Popa ( or by phone at 859-622-8756.

RSO Room Reservation for Students

For full details, please utilize the following link:

Phase 3:

Beginning October 19, 2020, RSOs will have multiple time slots per day to choose from for room reservations. Phase 3 will still have limited rooms, with limited times and capacities, on campus. Here are the new times:


  • 4:45pm-6:15pm: Reservations open in Combs, Powell, Wallace, and Whitlock.
  • 6:30pm – 8pm:  Reservations open in Combs, Powell, Wallace, and Whitlock.
  • 8:15pm-9:45pm: Reservations open in Combs, Powell, Wallace, and Whitlock.


  • 8:15am-9:45am: Reservations open in Powell
  • 10am-11:30am: Reservations open in Powell
  • 11:45am-1:15pm: Reservations open in Powell
  • 1:30pm-3pm: Reservations open in Powell
  • 3:15pm-4:45pm: Reservations open in Powell

No recurring meetings will be permitted. Groups can only use one of the time slots in a given day to allow multiple groups to utilize spaces.

All reservation requests must be made through the office of Student Life and First Year Experience. RSOs will not be able to request space through the following EKU departments: Housing & Residence Life, Conferencing & Events, and Libraries, Campus Recreation, Multicultural Student Affairs or other campus departments/offices. RSOs are also prohibited from meeting or hosting events off-campus, as groups cannot be monitored for enforcement of local, state, and EKU guidelines.

Spaces available to use, with capacities:

Powell Student Center:

  • Room 108, capacity of 26
  • Room 201, capacity of 21
  • Room 202, capacity of 21
  • Room 203, capacity of 21
  • Room 204, capacity of 29
  • Room 212, capacity of 16
  • Room 213, capacity of 16
  • Room 219, capacity of 50
  • Room 220, capacity of 16
  • Room 224, capacity of 16
  • Room 225, capacity of 16


  • Combs Grise, capacity of 50
  • Combs Ferrel, capacity of 50
  • Whitlock O’Donnell, capacity of 50
  • Wallace 147, capacity of 50
  • Wallace 149, capacity of 50

Furniture may not be moved or rearranged in any capacity. Student Life & First Year Experience staff will  check rooms before, during, and after each RSO’s meeting.

Student Life & First-Year Experience staff will monitor meetings to ensure capacity is not exceeded, social distancing/mask policies are followed, and furniture is not moved. RSOs are responsible for maintaining capacity, social distancing, and mask wearing in their meeting. RSOs are responsible for following campus reporting if a participant demonstrates any COVID symptoms.

If a participant develops or displays symptoms at the event, respectfully ask them to leave and self-report.  The group must report this to the building/event manager.

RSOs should have adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors. This includes soap, hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol (for those who can safely use hand sanitizer), tissues, extra masks for participants, and no-touch trash cans. Regular hand washing is important.

No food or drink is permitted inside any meeting space.

RSOs/students found in violation of EKU, local, and state COVID-19 policies are subject to sanctions from EKU Student Life & First-Year Experience and/or Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Within the reservation confirmation email sent from the Student Life Reservation Coordinator, there will be an Excel spreadsheet attached. This spreadsheet is to assist your group with collecting a list of all participants in attendance. This list should include name (legal), phone number, and EKU email for all participants. Please retain this information for a period of at least 21 days. There may be a request for your to provide this information to the local health department should a need arise for contact tracing.

Reservations are subject to cancellation depending on updated COVID-19 guidelines. The event requestor will be contacted in the event your reservation is cancelled.

Given the fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the university strongly recommends developing a contingency plan for the event in case it must be cancelled on short notice.  The university will modify these requirements as additional guidance is given by local and state health agencies, and the CDC. 

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