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EKU Provided Face Coverings

We have provided three primary styles of face coverings for our employee population. These include a cloth face covering, a tubular bandana style covering and disposable coverings. These are not mandatory for use but are options for consideration and use.

  • Disposable face coverings are very similar to a surgical mask style of covering.
  • Tubular bandanas should be double or triple folded to meet the two to three layers of cloth.
  • Cloth face coverings feature a cloth layer that serves as a sleeve to hold a PM 2.5 filter, coffee filter, vacuum cleaner filter, and/or additional cloth layers.  We recommend that individuals utilize this feature. 

There are various news articles referencing not wearing N-95 respirators with an unfiltered exhalation port.  We recommend that these not be used as they are designed to protect the wearer form the environment and not the surrounding environment from the wearer. Please note: The EKU masks issued to employees are NOT N-95 respirators. The cloth face coverings issued by EKU does have a valve,  but the valve is covered on the inside by a piece of fabric.  This also serves as a holder for a filter, more fabric, etc. if the wearer chooses to have some added protection. 

For reference, here are some additional  guidelines for face coverings issued in the state of Kentucky (2020-586). 

  • For the purposes of this order, a “face covering” is a material that covers the nose and mouth and is secured to the head with ties, straps or loops over the ears, or is wrapped around the lower face.  If can be made of a variety of materials, including cotton, silk or linen, and ideally has two or more layers.  Face coverings may be factory-made, homemade, or improvised from household items such as scarfs, bandanas, and t-shirts.  Guidance on how to make a face covering at home is available at:
  • The provisions of this Order shall apply to members of the public in Kentucky.  Existing sector specific requirements mandating face coverings for employees of entities in the Commonwealth remain in effect and are available online at:
  •  People in Kentucky must cover their nose and mouth with a face covering when they are in the following situations that represent a high risk of COVID-19 transmission:
  • While inside, or waiting in line to enter, any: retail establishment; grocery store; pharmacy; hair salon/barbershop; nail salon/spa; tattoo parlor; child care facility; restaurant or bar (when not seated and consuming food or beverage); health care setting, or; any other indoor public space in which it is difficult to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from all individuals who are not members of that person’s household;
  • While waiting for or riding on public transportation or paratransit, or while riding in a taxi, private car service, or ride-sharing vehicle, or while driving any of the above while customers are present; or
  • While in outdoor public spaces in which the person cannot maintain a physical distance of six feet from all individuals who are not members of the person’s household and is not otherwise covered by previously issued guidance.

If you have additional questions on recommended face coverings please consult with EKU Public Safety and Risk Management for assistance at (859) 622-1111.

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